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Whilst reported crime in the UK has gone down in the past year, there is still a lot of unreported crime. CTT is here to give you hints and tips on how to help cut crime in your local area.

Cut Crime in your Town wants to engage communities to work together to report crime and change the way we interact.

There are lots of small changes you can make to secure yourself and your home and prevent yourself, as much as possible, from being a victim of crime.

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Cut Crime in your Town

Cut Crime in your Town aims to help cut crime in your community. We are dedicated to community engagement.

We look at issues such as burglary, vehicle crime, street drinking, safe places for young people, safety in public places, truancy, safer public transport, and speeding traffic, as well as a number of national priorities such as Domestic Abuse and drugs.

Surrey has the lowest level of recorded crime in England and we would like to bring the levels in your city down to this acceptable level. We want communities in London and the south to feel safe in their homes.

CCT strives to improve life for London residents. We could give you hints and tips on how to recognise crime and how to stay safe in your area. It may sound strange but recognising crime can sometimes be difficult. Hate crime is often an act which goes unnoticed.


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